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Scottsdale Day Spa | Beauty by Alicia

Skin Coach

$99 Month 

“Professional skincare is not a product, it’s a process” –Alicia Neal 

Discover your most beautiful self with my elevated one -on-one “process” to obtain your ideal skincare goals! Starting with your lifestyle, products and treatments, these factors play a major role in your personal regime. I mean personal! NO individual skin is the same. If you are struggling, or just have no idea where to start, my Skin Coach Program will take out the guess work. My passion in life is to help anyone who is seeking professional skincare advice; you do not have to be sitting in my chair for me to be able to help you. Let’s face it, we all wish we had a friend in the beauty industry, I am here to be that friend.  

Have you been struggling with your skin and not sure what to do? 

What You'll Receive

Our initial consultation will be a 45 min zoom call which will put us face to face! In this time, I’ll complete a full skincare questionnaire, we will review your current regime, products and lifestyle. Evaluate your skin conditions, address your issues and chart your desired results and aim towards realistic skincare goals! We will discuss your past, current and future regime. 

You’ll receive a customized skincare kit with 3 products suitable for your skin. 

20% discount on all Beauty by Alicia products.

Quarterly Skincare Kits will be resent, which will be rebuilt in a 30 minute zoom call to  discuss any skin improvements, challenges, products and how things are working for you in your daily regime.

Monthly, two 15 minutes cheer calls, as your coach I’ll be cheering you on! I'll want to know about your routine is working, and answer any questions!

Also, you will be enrolled in a private Facebook group which you’ll have access to extended content and connect with myself and others struggling with the same issues. Here we can share, learn and pick up tips and tricks from each other!

You’ll get a skin journal to help guide you weekly to be mindful and track your progress of your habits and routine.

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