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Beauty by Alicia | Alicia Neal
Beauty by Alicia | Alicia Neal
Beauty by Alicia | Alicia Neal


Professional skincare is not a product, it's a process. Which means curing acne, wrinkles, sun-damage, scaring and anti-aging is never about a single product. Skincare, is about the process, out-smarting and building resistance to skin conditions. That "process" is called a treatment plan. Consult with skincare professional and Beauty by Alicia Founder, Alicia Neal, to create your customized treatment plan for healthly, vibrant, resistant skin.


The beauty industry has created the false idea that skincare is a luxury rather than a necessity. Having 17 years of experience as an Esthetician, I understand the importance of a proper skincare regimen. My vast and extensive knowledge for skin care gives me the cutting edge to educate individuals on the importance of keeping their skin’s integrity intact. 


Our skin is our largest organ, it serves us a life time, and within that life it protects, insulates and cushions our deep organs. We owe it to our selves to incorporate proper treatment plans and consistent maintenance in our daily lives to keep our skin healthy, radiant and strong.  Even with little effort, the skin can benefit. Your regimen should fit your lifestyle – it could be a luxurious day of beauty treatments or a simple home-made beauty mask, but skincare must be recognized as a necessity and not just a luxury.


Aging is life’s natural course and while a fountain of youth hasn't been discovered, you can certainly help your skin through the proper practice and care. Beauty by Alicia is your guide and expert partner into aid in a more graceful aging process. 


It is my goal to provide comfort and relaxation with modified skincare services to each individual undergoing all phases of cancer. Each treatment will be based on the client’s unique needs. Treatments are designed to manage and improve the ongoing changes of the skin during and after chemotherapy and radiation. 


Beauty by Alicia | Scottsdale Aesthetician
Beauty by Alicia
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