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Your skin is a sponge - Approximately 60% of what you put on it gets absorbed into your body. So you want skincare products that are safe and natural, but also powerful enough to get visible results. Unfortunately, most natural skincare products have low concentrations of active ingredients and lack the potency to provide results, while most professional-strength skincare is loaded with dangerous parabens, synthetics and harsh chemicals that are added to give them a longer shelf life.  - Melanie Vasseur

Beauty by Alicia sells LightStim products (LightStim for Pain, LightStim Blue for Acne, LightStim Red for Anti-Aging & LightStim for Pain Belt) and Skinade products in the salon or by phone at 702.807.6053. Spend $50 or more and enjoy free shipping!

If you have any questions on selecting the right products, set up an appointment for a free 15-minute phone consultation with Alicia. 

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