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Hello, I'm Alicia Neal with Beauty by Alicia. If you're here, you too have a passion for making people feel and look beautiful in their skin. I've been practicing esthetics for nearly 18 years. 

I developed advanced patented technology, called the Brow Skeleton™ because I was determined to perfect my brow strokes symmetrically on both the left and right brows. I was extremely frustrated professionally because there wasn't a single tool on the market that really helped solve this problem. Even after I used a pre-draw, I was still not satisfied, especially with clients who have sparse brows.

The Brow Skeleton is a transferable tattoo stencil with eight (8) designs that can be used on various brow shapes and sizes. The Brow Skeleton was created to assist developing artists execute their first pass. The Brow Skeleton will help you quickly gain stroke pattern knowledge and build confidence that can be applied instantly to your practice. I created the Brow Skeleton to help other estheticians master microblading, cut down on time with clients, and ultimately generate more money for their practice. 


I've also developed the Brow Skeleton Advanced Pattern Course to give you additional tools and confidence to be the best BROW expert in your area. 

Eight Unique Brow Skeleton Designs

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This advance course will allow you to scale your business faster with advance pattern techniques, charge higher prices, increase your handwork mobility and expand you creative thinking with practice patterns. 

You can access the Brow Skeleton Advanced Pattern course anytime. 

Complete microblading tray setup instructions with links to purchase all the products that I use. 

Video tutorials on how to use the Brow Skeleton, microblading tray setup and more. 

Downloadable PMU Release form that can be used in your studio. 

Downloadable Certification of Completion form to be showcased in your studio. 

Wholesale options for educators. 

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