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Non-toxic, unscented and oncology approved skincare products will be used in the following treatments. To book an appointment by phone call 702.807.6053


Our goal is to restore, hydrate, and protect; helping the skin heal and repair by supporting its natural function. Oncology skincare is an advanced field of study that involves the modification of skin care applications to safely work with the effects of cancer and cancer treatment. At Beauty by Alicia, an oncology-trained aesthetician provides comfort, care, and compassion through active listening, education, and adapted skin care services, techniques, and product selection.

Skin is often affected as an indirect result of oncology treatments. Side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and medication may include: Fragile, itchy or dry skin, rashes, radiation dermatitis, red irritated skin, anxiety & stress, pain, hair loss, neuropathy. Consultation questions are directly related to:​ surgery, lymph node removal, medications, cancer treatments, allergies and current health status.

View our list of ingredients to avoid in your personal care products

Scottsdale Oncology Spa | Beauty by Alicia
BE HERE NOW - 30 minutes, $35

Customized facial treatment

BEAUTY BODY - 50 minutes, $55

Customized facial treatment with hand, foot or scalp treatment

HEAD TO TOE - 30 minutes, $35

Customized treatment with hand, foot and scalp treatment

LED LIGHT THERAPY - 15 minutes, $25

Studies show Light Therapy reduces skin inflammation, minimize radiation dermatitis and is effective in pain reducer.

KANSA WAND EXPERIENCE - 10 minutes, $15

Ease stress and enhance beauty with the gentle and luxurious Kansa Wand. The Kansa Wand helps extract acidity from the skin. Kansa (pronounced cuns) is produced from pure tin and copper. This blend of metals is known in Ayurveda, a traditional healing system in India,
as “Healing Metal”.


This final phase of reconstruction, usually referred to as “nipple tattooing”, often serves to transform the reconstruction into a breast that is truly your breast. This enables many survivors to lay their cancer burden down and move forward in life with restored femininity.

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