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Now Offering Sunless Spray Tanning

Beauty by Alicia is proudly offering Sjolie Sunless Tans. Get that look of healthy glowing skin that looks like you have been in the sun without the harmful damage from the sun or tanning beds.

Our customizable airbrush spray tan is certified organic, made from only naturally derived ingredients, 100% Vegan, paraben free, and fragrance free.

Sunless Tanning is a special solution that is misted over your body. Within a few hours, it will develop into a natural-looking tan. Your tan will develop anywhere from 2 - 4 hours and will continue to darken through a 24 hour period to your final results. Your color will last 5 to 8 days and begin to fade as the top layer of your skin naturally sheds. The tan will depend on the personal care of your skin and how well you moisturize to prevent excessive natural exfoliation.

Book an appointment today or click here to learn more.


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