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Oncology Skin Care: Alicia Neal

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Alicia Neal is featured in this month's ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals) article discussing her oncology esthetic journey.

Alicia's oncology esthetic journey began a couple years ago, when a client who was a two-time cancer survivor, re-entered her treatment room. She had postponed her facials and eyelashes while she was battling cancer. It had then dawned on Alicia that she did not know much about cancer in general. She had no personal experience nor did she really know anyone close to her who experienced it. Then she thought, how many clients have stopped coming because they were battling cancer? Alicia did not realize just how much of an impact she could truly make or how she could have been of better service to her or others. This ignited Alicia's interest to understand and learn more. Over the next year, she played with her eyelash extensions since her natural lashes had not fully regained their original strength and fullness. One time, when she came in for a facial treatment, her lashes were thick and full. She said she was using a particular product, and that’s when it hit. Alicia was really determined to help women through and after their cancer journey.



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