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Pro-Tip: How to Cleanse Your Skin

How to wash your face

Let's FACE it!  1 out of 100 people enjoy cleansing their face. It is a basic task that usually has to happen after a long ass day or late night , when one is feeling a little tipsy. 

Although, cleansing is one very important step in your skin routine. It is imperative that you properly cleanse your skin.

Let me ask you, how long do you spend brushing your teeth? I have a two minute rule at least! So, it would make sense to cleanse your skin the same amount of time. Right? Think about it, in the morning you apply your day time products, then make-up, produce sweat and absorb environmental dirt and other toxins that land on your face....then most likely you apply more makeup on over it... See where I am going with this? Your face, therefore your skin is now full of junk! Wash it and wash it GOOD!

Pro Tips:

  1. Cleansing is a TWO step process.  A) remove dirt , oil, make- up, sweat etc.. with an oil or emollient wipe.  B) Wash for TWO , 2  , 1+1= 2 minutes, it'll feel like forever but sing a song to help pass the time. 

  2. Jury is still out on whether or not individuals should cleanse in the AM or PP or both.  Just do it at night, honestly you don't want that junk in your bed! Personally, I cleanse at night and not the morning because 1. My face does not get dirty as I sleep, it's actually rejuvenating.  2. Your skin needs moisture and stripping it all away will age you. 3. This will help conserve you skincare products. Usually in the A.M I rinse with lukewarm water and then  apply my serum and other things then top it off with my favorite SPF Day 25 cream (order here).

  3. Your type of cleanser should first fit this bill...NO fragrance, it can cause irritation. NO parabens as they are toxic and cancer causing and NO harsh soaps.. it's 2019 bye bye Saint Ives! If that all looks good,  then honesty it's a personal preference if you choose a lotion, cream, oil, or foam base cleanser. If you're looking for a new cleanser I have my favorites available online . I also believe that great skincare doesn't cost a fortune so try my Favorite cleansers for $25 (order here).

  4. Exfoliation is an important part of the cleansing process. Use either a Salicylic, Glycolic or a gentle grainy scrub to exfoliate the skin. This will help with acne, anti-aging, removal of unwanted dead/dull skin, excessive oil and will help smooth and event skin tone. I often get asked, how many times should one exfoliate? If you are combination normal/oily 3-4 times per week or if your normal/dry 2-3 times per week. If your extra sensitive do it 1-2 times per week. KNOW your skin, if it is starting to feel dehydrated, dry or flaky, back off and lesson the amount of exfoliation.

  5. Let's say your have a hand handle tool that helps cleanse the is what you do and my take. Brushes help remove oil, dirt, and dead skin better than your hands can,  but it's not something you have to use every night, especially if you're also applying ingredients like retinoids or acids. Too much exfoliation can cause inflammation. Use, but use sparingly.  To keep your brush bacteria-free, rinse and air-dry after use. Oh, and hey, do  replace the brush head every three months.

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