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The Lipstick Effect

Lipstick Effect

First impressions DO matter, which makes me think of the scene in Devil Wear’s Prada, when Anne Hathaway interviews for Vogue, clearly not an ideal candidate; however her mousey speech lands her the job and eventually she starts looking the part of a Vogue employee. Your appearance is a good investment even when times are very tough; I am NOT saying spend all your money on vanity but hear me out. When you look good, you feel confident, and that gives you a competitive edge, confidence shines!

Like many of us, it seems difficult to justify spending our hard earned money on the latest Louis Vuitton handbag or those Christian Louboutin pair of heels. At least we can still splurge on personal luxuries, with small items like cosmetics or look good and hopefully feel better about ourselves!

Are you familiar with, “The Lipstick Effect"...? A term that was coined after the Great Depression, the sales of cosmetics had risen in four years from 1929 to 1933. The theory goes, glum consumers continue to spend money on “small luxuries”, during times of economic or emotional stress to buy their spirits, a point underscored in the months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, which saw lipstick sales double.

Unfortunately, in today society’s with social media and the world so fixated on what beauty is, The Lipstick Effect, of cosmetics to help us feel pretty is not enough. Here is my stance on that, the things we see on social media, these extravagant ITEMS that are beyond our needs, just know that no amount of designer bags or shoes can make up for bad skin, so spend wisely. Find that those handfuls of multi- function products that will treat your skin; to make you look good, feel good and that are good for you. Walk into a room confident that you have done everything to best represent yourself...for me that is having a Competitive Edge!

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