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Protecting Your Investments: Why Skincare Treatments & Injections go Hand in Hand

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

As an Aesthetician of 14 years, I have seen the long term benefits that result in the maintenance of a regular skincare regime, which includes a proper protocol at home and regular facial treatments to keep the integrity of the skin. Currently, in a world of quick fixes and fast results, many individuals are confusing Botox and fillers as a skincare regiment alternative. Although, injections play a large part of prevention and the longevity of the skin; it is crucial to keep in mind that both skincare and injections go hand and hand.

Would you buy a mattress and not put sheets or a comforter on it? That is what Sarah Voght with Energetic Aesthetics, is talking about today when it comes to skincare and your facial injections. When investing in the longevity of your skin, you must maintain a good skincare regime. Her and I sit down and talk everything injections from Botox to filler, and what age is a great time to start injections! When it comes to skincare and injections, prevention is key! The more you invest now the less you have to invest later. Turning back time is a much more difficult process than aging with grace. I had chosen Sarah Voght years ago as my own personal injection guru, and I love her elegant approach to injections. I highly recommend her services to my entire guest list who are interested in injection prevention. Enjoy this brief 5 minute video as we discuss the most common asked questions when it comes to Injections.


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